#194 (suspended storage shelving project continues)

Its been a few weeks since I started the suspended shelving garage storage project. I’ve been too busy at work during the week that I’ve been averaging 12 hours throughout the weekdays leaving little to no time in keeping my house let alone any additional work. As part of my OCD tendencies, things have to be put out of the way and not cluttered before I can work on other projects. 

OCD but multi tasker 

Although I must have all things in its place, I’m able to have multiple projects occurring in parallel as long as I can ensure all the clutter and mess caused by the multiple threaded projects is removed as a stopping point is reached. 

That’s why the suspended shelving project in my garage has spanned several weeks. As I approached the end of the allotted time, I have to bake in the clean up effort and time to put my tools back where they belong. I cannot leave them out. 

Cleansing and organizing…what a rush

This past Sunday, I devoted a very small part of my day to continuing the suspended storage shelving. It was Sunday so not much motivation to push hard. But I did complete the lagging in of one of the last 2×4 cleats where the suspended shelving would hang. Although I didn’t get much of the shelving project completed it’s still progress. As my high school football coach told me “you win by gaining every inch you reach.” So the adding of one of the final 2×4 cleat gets me closer to completing the garage storage project. 

Storage unit required for another month 

Lagging in the last 2×4 cleat, hanging the three remaining shelving units, and organizing the seasonal decorations into each suspended unit will wait until I can get to that step in the process. Next month I’ll have to retain the storage unit and dole out another $200. 

Poof into the air my money goes…

#singleasianmale #menslife #storageunit #homeprojects #clutterfree #alittleocd


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